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The Steeple Writing Solved

1946 - Letter

There were some wonderful responses to my previous article about our church bell. One in particular, from Carl and Pattie Ingelstrom, provided an answer regarding the writing on the wall of the steeple.

1946 - Painting Spires

"In 1946, Carl's father, Ivar Olaf Ingelstrom, was a painting contractor in Peterborough, and had a crew of several men working for him. One of his jobs in 1946 was to paing the exterior of the Congregational Church. Here are a couple photos of the job - you will note the lack of OSHA oversight!

"One of the crew was Waine Lamni of West Peterborough, and another was Ernest Brassart also from West Peterborough, 'Waine' & 'ELB.' Carl is not sure who 'CEW' might be."

Pattie Ingelstrom

1946 - Teetering on the Top!

Thank you, Carl and Pattie! This is a wonderful addition to the story. It astounds me that you were able to find photos of the task! Great detective work!

(Note the painter on the tippy-top working on the spires!)

Mary Ann Fleming, April 2021

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