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Funerals and Memorial Services

A funeral or memorial service is an important rite of passage that helps us honor a loved one by celebrating life

even as we are grieving loss. Many families find such a service especially meaningful as they share stories and

hear how much their loved one meant to others.

In Christian faith, we witness to the Good News that death is not the end, but a transition from this life to life

everlasting. Death brings the real pain of loss, but it does not separate us from the love of God nor from the love

of family and friends.

You may contact the church office or our pastor at any time to let us know of a loved one’s death or in

anticipation of an imminent death. The pastor is the Reverend Dr. Robert Marrone. You may phone 603-924-

3272 or email to contact him.

After a loved one dies, you likely will be working with a funeral home. The funeral director should contact the

church and consult with the pastor to confirm the date and time of the service. The funeral director will handle

all fees, including honoraria for the pastor and fees for the organist. If you are not using a funeral home’s

services, please refer to the fee schedule at the end of this document.

Union Congregational Church is rooted in the Peterborough community, and we offer our sanctuary for funeral

and memorial services to community members as well as to church members. Alternatively, please contact the

pastor, or ask the funeral director to do so, if you would like a service held at a funeral home.

Union Congregational Church’s pastor officiates at all services held in the church. Other clergy may participate

at the invitation of our pastor.

Likewise, our organist plays for all services held in the church. Other musicians may participate by invitation.

Preparing for the service

You will meet with our pastor to plan the service. The meeting may take place at the church, a funeral home, or

your home, depending on which location is most convenient for you and your family.

We can produce a bulletin for the service, or you are welcome to provide your own bulletin.

A casket is always closed for a service in the church. Flowers, photographs, and personal mementos will be

arranged at the front of the sanctuary if you wish to have them present at the service.


The service may be conducted using the liturgy found in the United Church of Christ Book of Worship. Our pastor

and staff will help you choose scripture, music, and anything else you would like to include.

Fraternal and military rites are not part of the church service, and these should take place at graveside or at the

fraternal organization’s place of meeting.  There may be exceptions, on a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of

the pastor.

General Information

If you have a query for the organist, please contact the church office at or 603-924-

3272, and the administrative assistant will relay the query.


The parlor, Fellowship Hall, and kitchen may be used for receptions following the service. The church’s

hospitality committee can arrange light refreshments, or you may arrange catering on your own.


Occupancy capacity: Sanctuary, approximately 150; Chapel, 35; Parlor, 25; Fellowship Hall, 95.

The church is accessible to persons in wheelchairs.  First-floor bathrooms are also accessible.

There is a sound system, with “Walkman-type” audio enhancement. The service can be streamed on Facebook


If you wish to use the commercial-style kitchen or Fellowship Hall, please ask for additional information.

Union Congregational Church maintains a tobacco-free and alcohol-free campus.


Funeral Fee Schedule


If the funeral director billing is made by the funeral home, the minister and organist receive a check from the

funeral director.

Memorial Service at Church

In the case of a memorial service, it’s the family’s responsibility to make payments directly to the minister,

organist, and sexton. The fees, which are due at the time of the service, break down this way                                              Church Service                                  Member                          Nonmember   

Minister                                          Honorarium                            $250

Organist                                               $200*                                 $200*

Sexton                                            No charge.                              $50

Women’s Fellowship Reception  No charge             (The family may make a donation.)

Sanctuary                                       No charge.                               $150

Chapel                                           No charge.                               $50

Parlor (for reception)                    No charge                                 $50

Fellowship Hall                             No charge                                 $100

Kitchen                                          No charge                                 $75

(full use, if Women’s Fellowship isn’t providing the reception)


*For service only. Additional rehearsals for special music to be agreed upon between family and organist.

Our pastor and organist

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