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J. Bell Caster

Rediscovering the UCC Steeple Bell - Part 2

J. Bell Caster

The bell manufacturer's name is Holbrook East. Information in our church records states that we purchased the bell from George H. Holbrook of East Medway, Massachusetts for $375 and that the bell was cast in 1841. After a little research on the company, we found that the original owner, George H. Holbrook apprenticed under Paul Revere! There were some ups and downs with the business, but it was eventually reborn with the owner's son, George H. Holbrook. We believe it was the son who was the overseer of the cast of our bell. As a musician, he improved the musical tone of the bells.

There is a Holbrook Bells National Registry. Other bells in our area are in All Saint's Episcopal just down the street, St. James' Episcopal and the United Church of Christ in Keene, and this mystery. It states that in 1848 a bell was installed at the Union Congregational Church in Greenfield, NH. The date conflicts with our church information, and our resident Greenfielder, Carele, who says that the bell in the Greenfield Meetinghouse is a clock tower bell. It may be that our bell is not yet on the national registry and could be if we want to sort this out!

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