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K. Bell Toll Arm

Rediscovering the UCC Steeple Bell - Part 2

K. Bell Toll Arm

We discovered a tolling arm in the bell framework. There is a rope in the balcony attached to the arm to ring the bell at singular dings at whatever timing interval is desired. The arm looks like a sledge hammer with a wooden hammer head. You can see the upper end of a large beam sticking up under the bell. At the lower left edge of this beam is the head of the hammer and the handle extends all the way to the left. The handle has a curve on the end and operates similarly to hand pumping water from an old well.

Bob is standing in the background, getting ready to video the ringing of the bell and waiting for me to finish taking the picture and plug my ears! It was interesting to hear the difference between just tolling the bell and ringing the bell. Tolling was very tolerable. Ringing was deafening and included the heavy motion and swooshing of the bell wheel.

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