I recently broke my glasses, and had to order a new pair. When they arrived, I immediately got a headache. Now, if you’ve ever gotten glasses for any reason, you know that new prescription feeling – it’s not pleasant, but you get used to it. So then I tried to figure out how old my glasses were. I’m fairly certain I had gotten the old pair before I had wrist surgery the week that my 14-year-old nephew was born! Now, I go back and forth between glasses and contacts, so have had annual eye exams. I know that my contacts prescription has changed a few times, but it wasn’t significant enough to change my glasses. At my last exam, I was told that I could still pass the drivers eye exam with the old pair, just barely. So, let’s just say that the new prescription was quite a change from the old!

Driving around with new glasses is amazing! I’m seeing things I haven’t been able to see for years. As Johnny Nash sings, “I can see clearly now” even though our rain is not yet gone. However, there are many obstacles in our way, and we’re seeing many of them. The most recent one being that NH schools will continue with remote learning through the end of the school year. This is heartbreaking for all involved, especially the students and teachers who really are a family for 8 hours a day during the year. I have to admit, I haven’t told Anja, and don’t know if I should. It just seems like every day is a new challenge in this strange season.

To continue with the songs, we can move from Johnny Nash to The Byrds and Turn! Turn! Turn!

This is a season. It’s one where following the teachings of Christ is more important than ever. As Bill & Ted say in their Excellent Adventure, “Be excellent to each other.” I know that many of us turn to music in times of need, and so do I. Here are 2 more Bible memes for you. As a singer, I always end up back at the Psalms and the Song of Songs, they help bolster me up. May you look at the world through new glasses as you approach life in a new way, for you are sure to see things that you have overlooked for years. Take the newfound time that you have to appreciate all that life has to offer, including the reawakening of the Earth as Spring springs forth, and the kindness of our neighbors. Plant the seeds now that will grow into better relationships and better lives.