It’s Thursday!

I can’t get enough of this weather this week, and know I keep mentioning it, but it’s so nice to have my kids outside stomping in mud puddles, they absolutely love it!

This weekend is not as busy as the last two were here at church, but the Jr. Choir is singing this Sunday, and there is Lenten Meditation following the service. I also have to brag that we’ll have some other amazing music during the service, including violin, flute, and hand drum accompanying an amazing Sr. Choir piece! (You’re going to get a lot of musical updates from me, it’s in my blood.)

Come Monday morning, be here bright and early for an Essential Oils Basics Workshop at 9 am in the parlor with Liz and Elena Swan. It’s fun and educational, and smells SOOO good!

Community Supper will be held as usual on Monday evening at 5:30, and will be Mexican! It should be delicious!

Stay healthy, and join us at our community events!

Cindy, UCC Administrative Assistant