Today is Good Friday. Growing up, I always questioned why it was considered good. I mean, the day of our Lord’s death can’t be good, right? And yet, what was to come next proved that his death was indeed a good thing.

That is where we are now. We’re in a constant state of Good Friday. We’ve been betrayed by this virus, Judas, and are now serving our time on the cross. As the saying goes, “everyone has a cross to bear” and this one is pretty heavy. I’m lucky, I’m staying home with my 2 favorite people in the whole world, and they even get to go to work with me in the mornings where they have the run of the church hallway – quite literally. I miss being able to visit my parents, but they have each other, while many people their age do not. Those of you who are at home alone, reach out! Those of you who know of people home alone, reach out! Call them, leave a note on their doorstep, bake cookies or muffins (or buy some). Show your neighbors that you care, and that you are still there for them.

I’ve always loved the tenebrae service of Maundy Thursday, and generally do not go to Good Friday services. For me, this is a day of reflection, of mourning, and of isolation. However, it is GORGEOUS outside today! Most of the links I sent out in emails this week worked, and I finally had some time to update the website, something that has been sincerely neglected over the past 4 weeks. I am not a gardener, but today is one of those days that make me want to have a garden. I just don’t have the patience for it, which is crazy because I’ve been told by my students’ parents that I have the patience of a saint. I guess we all find patience for those things we love.

I have been a sad and lonely teacher for the past 5 years, longing to be back in a classroom, and understand how our teachers feel today about wanting to be back with their kids. If you know a teacher, send out a hello. If you have kids, even better, have them shout out hello! Drive by their houses, and the librarians’ houses, and honk and shout like a one-car parade, letting them know that you miss them as much as they miss you. And, most importantly, take care of yourselves.

Have a joyous Easter weekend!